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Live event photo by Richard Cave Photography

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Specialist touchscreen hire and interactive software


Experts in large-scale


  • Events & exhibitions
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Brand engagement
  • Data capture & surveys


Touchscreen Rental Across Europe

At TouchscreenRentals.co.uk we uniquely specialise in touchscreen rental and interactive software projects across Europe. We provide stunning solutions for events and exhibitions, marketing campaigns, brand engagement, promotions,  data capture and surveys.

Live event photo by Richard Cave Photography

Large-scale touchscreen rental projects

Often working with marketing agencies and event organisers, we deliver large-scale touchscreen rental projects across the UK and Europe. We are your hardware and software engine room, taking your ideas for interactive campaigns and making them work. We provide high quality interactive screens and touchscreen kiosks, design and build interactive software, set-up and deliver with a smile, remotely monitor touchscreens in the field, collect at the end of the project and provide key usage stats. With one of the largest touchscreen rental stocks in Europe, when it comes to touchscreen rental projects with multiple touchscreens and interactive software we are the experts.

Easy touchscreen rental for events

We provide easy, full-service hire of giant-tablet style touchscreens and touchscreen kiosks for events and one-off projects. And it’s not just hardware; we also offer ready-to-go interactive applications and bespoke software development to make sure you get the best out of your touchscreen rental. Based in West London, we’re ideally placed for touchscreen rentals in London and are equally happy delivering to the far corners of the UK and Europe. Our service is much more than ‘dry-hire’. We become an extension of your team by giving advice on the best technology and software options, configuring and testing your applications, delivering and setting-up on the day, providing technical support and collecting at the end of your project.

Giant-tablet touchscreens – sleekest designs, latest technology


high quality touchscreen rental products

55” Touchscreen

With large-format ‘tablet-style’ design

42” Touchscreen

42” Android or Windows Tablet

32" Touchscreen

32″ giant-tablet style interactive screen

22" Touchscreen

22″ tablet style interactive screen

Slimline Kiosk

Sleek kiosk with premium branding space

Our approach to the touchscreen rental products we provide is simple; we focus on niche, high quality products and stock them in large numbers. Our ‘giant-tablet’ touchscreens have the sleekest designs around and we have them manufactured directly for us. We are the only provider of the Slimline Kiosk and and have one of the largest touchscreen rental stocks in the UK.

We are also able to manufacture and source new products to fulfil bespoke requirements. All our touchscreen rental products come integrated PCs, so you get an all-in-one solution without the messy extras.

55” Touchscreen

55” giant-tablet style interactive screen

The 55” touchscreen has a stunning ‘giant-tablet’ style design that makes a big impact. It makes it the perfect touchscreen rental for large exhibition stands and retail environments.

22” Touchscreen

22” Windows or Android tablet

The sensitive P-Cap screen replicates the slick touch experience people expect from touch devices. It’s ideal for wall-mounting on lighter structures and as a larger alternative to a standard tablet.

42” Touchscreen

42” giant-tablet style interactive screen

A real wow-factor. The perfect touchscreen rental for product launches, roadshow events and exhibitions. It has a built-in Windows PC. It also has an internal Android Player to run your Android apps.

Slimline Kiosk

Sleek kiosk with premium branding

With premium branding space and sleek design, the Slimline Kiosk is the ideal touchscreen rental for small footprint areas but with high visibility. The smaller screen makes it ideal for touchscreen surveys, online shopping and transactions.


32” sleek tablet-style interactive screen

Its smaller size and lighter weight makes it the ideal touchscreen rental for discreet displays and wall-mounting. It also has an integrated dual operating system, with Windows and Android.

Bespoke Touchscreens

Touchscreens made to order

As a touchscreen rental specialist we can source, design and manufacture touchscreen rental products to order. From touchscreen tables and touchscreen video walls, to outdoor touchscreens and even transparent touchscreens!

Cutting-edge touchscreen applications.


Touchscreen Software

Our touchscreen software team create multi-touch software applications with a wow-factor. From branded games and quizzes, to show guides and floorplans, to product demos and corporate presentations, we turn your ideas into a reality. We design and code from scratch.

We also work with the latest multi-touch software development tools, enabling us to cater for a range of budgets and timescales. So whatever your requirement we will recommend a touchscreen software solution that fits your needs.

Bespoke Touchscreen Software

Touchscreen software development that brings your ideas to life

Interactive Experiences

Multi-touch Experience for your content

Quizzes, Surveys & Contact Forms

Interactive Quiz, Survey or Contact Form for data capture

Branded Games

Branded touchscreen games for events and exhibitions

our clients

From marketing agencies to production companies. From events organisers to exhibition stand builders. From big brands to small start-ups. We work with a variety of organisations on all sorts of touchscreen rental projects. Here are a few of our recent clients…

  • BAE Systems
  • BBC
  • NHS Improvement
  • Nomadic Displays
  • Roebuck Productions
  • The Outnet
  • The University of Oxford
  • V&A Museum
  • World Architecture Festival
  • Yorkshire Tea

Contact us


t. 020 8065 0343
e. Hello@TouchscreenRentals.co.uk
a. Studio G.23, The Lightbox, 111 Power Road, Chiswick, London, W4 5YP

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