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Five Tips for Building an Interactive Touchscreen Resource for your MedTech Product

So you have a great new MedTech product you are ready to bring to market. It’s an innovative concept that you are confident will attract plenty of attention from practitioners and shake up your market segment.

You have planned out a marketing campaign around attending all of the big healthcare industry events to promote the launch. You are now considering hiring a number of large display touchscreens to support your exhibits. You have heard plenty of talk about the advantages of having an interactive information resource in terms of engagement and data capture.

But as a company that hasn’t used touchscreens as part of its event marketing before, you have one burning question – what should you do about content?

As seasoned touchscreen specialists, we don’t just focus on supplying high quality hardware for events – we also specialise in creating the kind of engaging, imaginative content that makes using touchscreens worthwhile. Here are the key things we have learnt about building successful interactive resources to use on large format touchscreens.

Integrated platform

The majority of people are now experienced touchscreen users from owning smartphones, tablets and so on. That means they bring certain expectations with them when they approach a touchscreen kiosk at an event. A big one is that they want everything to function like a website or an app, that is with a consistency of presentation and navigation between all the various pieces of content. It therefore pays real dividends to invest in developing a branded integrated platform to manage and run everything on your touchscreen, rather than just loading lots of different content with little or no connection between it all.

Touch navigation for your content

People also expect to be able to interact with content in the same ways they do on their smartphone, using swipes, pinches and other familiar gestures. We always recommend making content as interactive as possible. So instead of having static image galleries, build them so visitors can pinch and zoom to examine them as they wish, and allow document pages to be turned with a swipe like on a Kindle.

Multimedia provides choice

People will engage with your promotional content more if they are given a choice of how to access it. If you combine video, audio, animations, images and text all relating to the same information, with simple, intuitive navigation between all of them, then visitors can access it as they prefer and build their own experience. The options for how to present content are only increasing as more and more technologies become available, for example with the likes of Augmented and Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence creating new, more interactive possibilities.

Information capture

One thing you definitely want to be able to do is capture information about potential leads for your product that you can follow up later. Touchscreens allow you a lot of freedom to get creative with how you do this. You could ask visitors if they want to sign up to receive exclusive content sent straight to their phone – perhaps a special AR 3D demo of the product that they can redeem there and then. You could flesh out your content with quizzes and surveys to encourage interaction, or stick to tried and tested tactics like inviting entrance into a prize draw.

Gamify for engagement

Finally, your overall aim is to get audiences engaging with your content as much as possible. The more enjoyable and entertaining they find it, the more they will remember you product and brand. Gamification is a great way to encourage this. While marketing content has traditionally been designed with passive reception in mind, the arrival of digital multimedia and touchscreen interfaces means genuine interaction can occur. Using games to get people acting on your content will make sure it sticks in the memory.

For more advice on building high quality interactive content for your MedTech event, contact us today.

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