Interactive Tech for Events

Everyone who has been around the block a few times in business knows you don’t get long to grab people’s attention – the figure commonly bandied around is just seven seconds, in fact.

For all we like to think of ourselves as rational, objective creatures, much of what happens in business depends on snap judgements and instinctive first impressions. The property world is no different – miss that narrow window of opportunity to make the right impression and that prospective new lead or networking opportunity flies out of it.

Obviously when we attend industry events, making new connections is high on our list of priorities. On the one hand, this is helpful because it means that most of the people there, developers, investors and other stakeholders, all come with the same mindset, a pre-fab audience primed to learn about you brand, listen to your offer and do deals.

On the flipside, there is a lot of pressure to make the connections count. As an exhibitor, you might be one of several dozen outfits all vying for attention. That can make your window for making the right first impression even narrower.

How, then, do you cut through the noise and ensure you grab attention at the next event you exhibit at? Let us explain how a touchscreen can help.

Lead generation

One of the key measures of success for event marketing is lead generation. To get a good return on your investment for exhibiting, you want to come away with a list of quality leads that have a good prospect of converting into business for your company, whether that be sales or deals.

In other words, one of the key metrics for event success is how many times you can break the ice with that all-important first impression and engage people enough to leave you their contact details.

We can think of at least five ways in which running an interactive display on a large touchscreen monitor at your stand helps this process. Let’s list them.

  1. Touchscreens make you stand out. We need get no more scientific with this than say people like gadgets, they like something they can touch and interact with. Plus, of course, a touchscreen gives you the opportunity to show off all sorts of flashy multimedia content.


  1. Touchscreens let people discover you independently. Yes people come to industry events prepared to meet and greet and do a lot of talking. But over the space of a few days, networking fatigue can set in. By the time you pass your 50th stand, do you really still have the motivation to smile politely and ask “What do you have to offer?” The option to learn about a product, a service, a concept or a brand without talking to anyone via an interactive presentation can come as sweet relief to many delegates.


  1. Touchscreens are made for memorable content. What do you think is going to stick in people’s minds more – a glossy brochure about your company, or an all-singing, all-dancing multimedia presentation containing video, 3D graphics, interactive exploration and even games? Touchscreens are perfect for active, multisensory engagement, which is proven to increase memorability.


  1. Touchscreens act as many different lead generation tools in one. Event marketing professionals always advise that you should create multiple opportunities to connect with people at events. Conventionally that means not just running a stand, but getting involved in running workshops and seminars, giving speeches and so on. A touchscreen is an ideal hub for running many different types of lead generating activity in one place. As well as providing access to lots of different content visitors can explore, you can also link up to you website and your social media pages, aligning your event marketing directly with your digital marketing.


  1. Touchscreens give people space to sign up. Psychology is a funny thing. For some people, a polite “Would you like to sign up to learn more about us?” is almost impossible to refuse as they don’t want to seem rude. For others, it will always elicit an automatic “No thank you.” With a touchscreen, you are giving your audience the autonomy to decide without feeling they are getting the hard sell. The chatterers will come for a conversation anyway. For others, if they like what they have seen on your touchscreen interactive presentation, they can quickly type in their email address or follow you on LinkedIn as they please.


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