Interactive Tech for Events

For trade show exhibitors, there are several tried and tested ways to get your message across to your audience and maximise engagement throughout an event. Brochures, posters, video and digital signage are all perfectly acceptable ways to communicate your key messages and generate interest.

But what if you could combine all of these things into one? What if, as an exhibitor, you could transform your portfolio into a multimedia digital presentation that combined images, text, video and audio in one? What if, moreover, you could make this interactive, allowing visitors to your stand to explore your content in their own way?

With touchscreen technology, you can. Loaded with interactive software, touchscreens take digital signage at shows to a new level, turning information sharing into an active rather than passive experience for your audience. With a hands-on approach, you can guarantee raising engagement and creating more of a buzz around your exhibit.

So how do you turn turn a property portfolio into an interactive multimedia showpiece? Here are the key things you need to know.

Web-like navigation

An easy way to understand what an interactive touchscreen presentation looks like and how it works is to compare it to a website. Websites are essentially platforms for gathering lots of different content and information resources together into one place. Individual pages are used to group content together, with links to navigate between them. The way a user can move around a website by clicking on different links is part of the interactive, exploratory experience.

The information on each individual web page can come in a variety of different forms, presented however the site owner likes. The ability to hold text, graphics, animations, audio and video is why we call websites multimedia technology.

All of this applies to an interactive touchscreen presentation. You can build it up out of many different pages of content, with interactive navigation options that allow people to move around and choose the things they want to read or take a closer look at. You could, for example, render parts of a property portfolio as PDF files that your audience can flick through like they would a Kindle book, or as a slideshow presentation they can auto play or scroll through manually.

Another option is to provide image galleries with a pinch and zoom option, so people can resize photographs and design drawings as they please to take a closer look.

Evolving multimedia

But perhaps the biggest opportunity to bring your content to life with a touchscreen presentation lies in the ever-evolving multimedia options available. Instead of simple image galleries, how about 3D animated graphics of your properties that visitors can manipulate and move around to get different views? Or, a step beyond that, what about immersive virtual tours rendered from actual video footage, complete with audio guide and opportunities to click through to find out additional information as and when required?

So-called ‘self-service’ is a key element of interactive technology, the concept of enabling people to help themselves on their own self-guided journey through your content. Touchscreen presentations have an almost limitless capacity to allow people to explore deeper and deeper into any particular area of interest – all you have to do is provide relevant links out to a webpage and from there, with a browser enabled, they can look up whatever they want.

And while this is mostly rendered through text or image linking, we are already seeing AI-powered virtual assistants taking over from pre-recorded audio guides. Instead of information being triggered by a particular navigation cue, visitors using AI presentations can ask any question they like, and be guided to the most relevant content automatically, completing the circle of interactive engagement.


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