Interactive Tech for Events

Property development is a highly collaborative enterprise. It relies on the forging of strategic partnerships, on matching the right investors to the right service providers, on achieving the optimum balance of resources and expertise.

That is one reason why trade shows play such an important role in the property industry. Stakeholders from real estate consultants to construction firms, property managers to investment funds are all keen to come together at every opportunity to network, to promote their interests, to learn about new opportunities, to do deals.

But as an exhibitor at a property trade show, how do you maximise those opportunities to learn, to connect and to generate valuable leads? The old fashioned way is to do a lot of talking, shake a lot of hands, hand out a lot of business cards. All tactics that still have a lot of value.

Yet there is plenty else you can do. Another more innovative approach that is perfect for gauging opinion about your brand or gaining feedback on a proposal, as well as gathering valuable names for your contact list, is to run a quiz.

A quiz is just another name for a survey that sounds more fun. And that is important. Whatever you call it, survey or quiz, if you run one at your stand, you need people to take part to get any value from it. People are more likely to take part if it comes across as lighthearted, accessible and enjoyable to take part in.

The Interactive Touch

One way to turn a survey into a quiz is to run it on a large touchscreen display at your stall. Touchscreens are great for giving any kind of content the look and feel of an interactive game. Add a few graphics, multiple choice answers, some dramatic audio and some animations and your can make a survey on pretty much anything look like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Touchscreen quizzes/surveys give you an easy solution for capturing the opinions of a large number of delegates at any given show. You can make it as formal or as informal as you like. You might simply want to test which way the wind of opinion is blowing amongst your peers on a certain topic, or you might want to get feedback on your stall, on your workshop, on how your interactive touchscreen presentation came across. A few simple questions can give you invaluable information to act on.

You might, on the other hand, want to gain the sort of data you can use in in a more formal sense for your own marketing purposes. Captured on a touchscreen, it is quick and simple to extract robust quantitative figures on how likely visitors would be to invest in your development, on which design plans are most popular, on what sort of yield they would expect. You could even use results to indulge in a little real-time marketing, publishing live cumulative results at your stand, or else pushing them out on social media at intervals throughout the show, perhaps for a variety of different quizzes.

You can also use surveys to ask permission for visitors to submit contact details. As long as you explicitly ask for consent, this can prove an invaluable way of generating leads to follow up later.


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