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MedTech Exhibitors: How Touchscreens Can Help Generate Leads

Medical technology, often referred to simply as ‘MedTech’, is a major growth industry. Healthcare practitioners the world over understand the vital role technology has to play addressing the challenges of meeting surging demand whilst keeping a lid on costs.

In services like the NHS, there is a huge appetite for innovative, effective MedTech solutions that make the delivery of care faster, more efficient and better for patients.

Healthcare service suppliers have traditionally relied on industry events as a key channel to promote what they have to offer, and MedTech developers are no different. Huge amounts of time, money and effort are invested in travelling from trade show to trade show, putting the latest devices and solutions before buyers and clinical management.

With all of that investment, vendors want to be sure of getting good returns, i.e. generating enough sales leads to make it all worthwhile. And this is where MedTech companies can themselves turn to technology to provide a solution.

Touchscreens are growing in popularity amongst exhibitors at all types of trade show. Setting up touchscreen kiosks at your stand provides a fantastic information resource for your goods and services, it encourages engagement through interactive content and it provides a means of capturing data  from visitors to follow up as leads.

An interactive experience

Anybody involved in sales knows that the best way to explain how a product works and generate interest is by demonstration. If what you happen to be selling is a large piece of sophisticated medical equipment, this might be easier said than done. But what you can do is create a virtual demonstration which potential customers can access via a touchscreen kiosk at your trade stall.

And if you happen to be a medical software developer, a touchscreen is the natural medium to demonstrate it on anyway.

The reason why a touchscreen is so much better than playing videos on a traditional static display screen is that it brings an interactive quality to the demonstration. Offering potential customers the chance to test drive a particular piece of kit is proven to result in stronger leads – just ask any car salesman.

From smartphones to equipment consoles, the world is transitioning to touchscreen interfaces, so a kiosk allows visitors to explore software functionality the way they are most likely to interact with it if deployed in their clinics or hospitals.

For hardware demos, the key is to create a rich variety of multimedia content, combining video,audio, text and graphics. The interactive element comes from designing the content architecture so people can browse the content as they wish.

You might, for example, use 3D animations of a product which visitors can move around to view from different angles, or allow them to tap on part of the image to open up the machine, with an explanation of how it works triggered in text, audio or video. The key is to allow for active exploration, which is what will get a potential customer engaged in the product.

Finally, touchscreen kiosks provide all sorts of options for capturing data from potential leads. You could invite people to complete a short questionnaire when they have finished browsing your content, with a request to leave their email address. Or the touchscreen could be linked to your website and social feeds, allowing visitors to read feedback on your products from customers and comments from followers, with a prompt for them to start following you there and then.

With a wealth of expertise to share on the use of touchscreens in events marketing, we have plenty more ideas for how to use them to boost leads at your your trade shows. To find out more, please contact us here.

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