Interactive Tech for Events

The worlds of property and video games might seem poles apart. But when it comes to exhibitions, there is actually a lot that people in the property business can learn from gaming about engagement and memorability.

Attention is the lifeblood of exhibitors. If you decide to exhibit at a trade show, whatever your brand offers – development or investment opportunities, professional property services, building products – the success of the venture depends on getting people over to your stand and engaged in what you are doing.

Property is a serious business. But that doesn’t mean there is no room for a sense of fun. Let’s face it, people would not be so keen to attend trade events if everything was completely po-faced, stuffy and boring. People go to do business, yes. But they also go to enjoy conversations with fellow professionals, to enjoy new networking opportunities, and also to enjoy learning what’s new in the industry.

This is where exhibitors can learn something from the world of gaming. The concept of gamification tells us that if you can make a game out of something – like a product or property portfolio, an introduction to your brand, an investment offer – people are more likely to engage with it simply because it is, well, fun.

Not only does gamification help to attract people to your stand, it will keep them there longer, too. And because games involve active engagement, people are more likely to remember details about your brand, product or service. Just ask any teenage gamer to share their encyclopedic knowledge of Fortnite and you will get the idea.

So how do you go about turning a property portfolio into a fun game? Modern event exhibitors have one very useful tool in this regard – the large touchscreen display.

Interactive entertainment

As evidenced by the tens of thousands of game apps available for smartphones, touchscreens are ideal for games. And because software development has come so far, it is relatively cheap and easy to turn practically anything into a game to play on a touchscreen.

So for a property portfolio, you could create an interactive map which visitors move around discovering information, perhaps by solving simple puzzles. If you were a developer, you could create a ‘design your own house / skyscraper’ application. or have explorable 3D digital recreations of the interiors of your properties for visitors to decorate according to their own tastes.

You could even create a Minecraft-style building simulator, where players get to choose different materials, and learn about the relative merits of their choices as they do so.


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