Touchscreen Rental Prices

We try to keep our touchscreen rental prices as cost-effective as possible. That’s why we’re happy for you to view our touchscreen rental prices and get an instant quote online, without having to waste time by contacting us first. However, if you have a question about our services or touchscreen rental prices please contact us directly. We’ll do everything we can to help!

Need a touchscreen rental price for your event?

Want to know costs and options for your campaign or project?

You can get an instant online quote with touchscreen rental prices using our quote generator. Simply choose your preferred touchscreen products, select from ready-to-go or bespoke software options, enter your rental dates or hire duration and instantly view your unique quote with touchscreen rental prices.

Need a bespoke solution?

Do you have a campaign that needs multiple touchscreen kiosks in the field or a touchscreen hire requirement that’s a bit different?

We specialise in large-scale touchscreen kiosk projects, completely tailored to your needs. For a bespoke quote and full touchscreen rental prices for a more complex project, contact us.

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