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Why Touchscreens Are Perfect For Demonstrating The Latest Healthcare Technology

There is no shortage of forward-thinking companies developing innovative technology that promises to revolutionise healthcare provision. But for all the creative, inventive, disruptive solutions out there, MedTech businesses face one familiar challenge – how to get their products to market.

Opportunities to put MedTech products before clinical end users and potential buyers are at a premium, with large medical industry shows and exhibitions playing a key role. These provide a vital platform for companies to put their solutions before medical professionals. There is an obvious desire to maximise impact when exhibiting new products in order to secure strong sales leads.

In recent years, display touchscreens have grown significantly in popularity amongst MedTech exhibitors. In a number of ways, they provide the perfect vehicle for demonstrating the merits of an innovative new MedTech solution in an event environment. Here’s why.

Let your audience test drive new applications

Software is playing an increasingly central role in healthcare tech solutions. It isn’t a case of developers focusing on large, specialist pieces of hardware anymore – many of the most disruptive and groundbreaking products are cloud-based apps that can be downloaded onto any kind of computing device, be it a desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Display touchscreens are therefore a natural environment for letting delegates use and investigate new healthcare apps and software platforms. They might be solutions aimed at medical professionals, be it new ways to log and share patient data or software-based clinical assessment aids, that users will quickly realise solve old problems given the chance to use them.

Equally, an increasing number of MedTech solutions are targeted at patients. Applications that assist with booking appointments or answering medical queries, that help patients self-manage treatment and recovery through digital therapeutics or monitor and log a variety of symptoms and health indicators, are growing in prevalence. Allowing medical professionals to ‘test drive’ these will increase awareness of the solutions available across the industry and over time lead to more being recommended to patients.

Use the interface of the future (and today)

Above all the specialist equipment and hardware out there, many analysts predict that the device that will have the biggest impact on healthcare going forward is something most of us already carry around on a daily basis – the smartphone.

The growing importance of the smartphone in healthcare is closely related to the increase in software application and platform solutions, especially those targeting the patient. As discussed above, marketing these through demonstration is an important way to raise awareness and build familiarity across the medical industry. A touchscreen display at an exhibition delivers the same interface as a smartphone, the interface most apps will be developed for, and thus provides a true-to-life user experience at a convenient scale.

Provide an immersive, engaging experience

Touchscreens have the advantage of providing an active demonstration experience. Watching a video demo of a new piece of MedTech is passive, our brains absorb some of the information but not all as we are not actively involved in the process. When we can ‘learn by doing’, on the other hand, the active engagement increases how much information we retain. This makes presentations and exhibits much more memorable.

Touchscreen presentations not only fulfil this criteria for active engagement, they let people explore at their own pace and in their own way, working out functionality and discovering features themselves. In addition, the use of multimedia tools means there are different ways to present information to maximise engagement.

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